Bârlad Region

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Regiunea Bârlad (Bârlad region) was one of the newly established (in 1950) administrative divisions of the People’s Republic of Romania, copied after the Soviet style of territorial organisation.
The capital of the region was Bârlad, and its territory comprised an area similar to the nowadays Vaslui County. After the 1952 reorganisation, the region merged with Putna region, keeping its name and losing raions Vaslui and Huși to Iași region; raion Fălciu changed name and capital to Murgeni. In 1956 the region was dissolved and its raions went either to Bacău (Zeletin, Adjud), Galați (Tecuci, Focșani, Vrancea, Panciu) or Iași (Bârlad, Murgeni) regions.
Bârlad region had as neighbors:

1950–1952: East: Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic; South: Galați and Putna region regions; West: Bacău region; North: Iași region.
1952–1956: East: Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic; South: Galați and Ploiești regions; West: Regiunea Autonomă Maghiară and Bacău region; North: Iași.


1950–1952: Bârlad, Vaslui, Huși, Zeletin, Fălciu.
1952–1956: Bârlad, Vaslui, Huși, Zeletin, Murgeni, Tecuci, Focșani, Vrancea, Panciu.